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What Is Hypersensitivity?

What is HypersensitivityHypersensitivity is not a disease, nor an illness. It is a measurement on your body’s sensitivity scale that is in the category of undesirable reactions in your body and mind. Your current sensitivity is based on how your body is currently wired i.e. life experiences to date, in combination with your current reaction to external stimuli.

However when you are in the hypersensitivity range on the scale, your body, mind and energy system cannot function effectively as your system is out of synch, and therefore more vulnerable to being affected or influenced by outside stimuli. Read more of this post

Quote of the Week

Quote of the week by the Hypersensitivity Experts“Electromagnetic frequencies are not just limited to electrical devices. The human body emanates within and around the body a bio-electromagnetic field. On a very subtle level this enables us to communicate, sense, see, feel and hear frequencies.”

Chronic Fatigue 4

What is chronic fatigue


How was the experiment? What did you feel?

What we are talking about is electromagnetism i.e. the vibration or frequency that every electrical device outputs. So what has this got to do with chronic fatigue?

In fact a lot. But give me a minute to explain some basics. Read more of this post

Quote of the Week

Quote of the week by the Hypersensitivity Experts“Just like most things in life there is no facts in our understanding of the world of nature and science. There are theoretical viewpoints put forward by the most respected scholars and scientists such as Stephen Hawkins theory on The Big Bang; Darwin’s theory On the Origins of Life; the atom; Einstein’s theory on quantum physics; and electromagnetism. However wise or educated these theorists are they are just putting forward a point of view or interpretation. Similarly it is therefore up to the individual visitor to this blog to interpret this blog accordingly.”

Chronic Fatigue 3

What is chronic fatigue[…continued]

Experiment! What we first of all need to do is determine what chronic fatigue is. We know it is not an illness so what is it? For those of you whom are experiencing such symptoms I need you to sit back for a moment and feel your body. Not with your hands but instead I want you to try and describe the sensations in your body. What we are talking about are the human body frequencies. Read more of this post

Quote of the Week

The hypersensitivity expert quote of the week“Being electro-sensitive doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away from the techno world that we live in. Being realistic you can’t it travels invisibly through the air and through the walls. However you can re-wire your hypersensitivity and tolerance levels to devices like mobile phones, radio waves, microwaves,  3G, broadband and intranet. This way you can fell comfortable in the environment that you live and work in.”

Chronic Fatigue 2


What is chronic fatigue

Does chronic fatigue exist?

Chronic Fatigue and all the variants of illnesses I have listed in the previous post do not exist. The symptoms do, but not the illness for the following reasons:

  1. No two symptoms are the same and neither are two patients.
  2. There are so many labels for illnesses that could incorporate an element of chronic fatigue.
  3. The underlying cause or trigger to the chronic fatigue symptom is individual from patient to patient. Read more of this post

Quote of the Week

“You can’t run away, you can’t imprison yourself! Even if your hypersensitivity is debilitating there is a positive future. You just need to learn how to listen to your body and explore how you can access your body’s bio-electromagnetic circuitry system to enhance its communication and connectivity to move you forward “.

Chronic Fatigue 1

Chronic Fatigue

What’s in a label?

Over the years I have come across  hundreds of clients whom have experienced different forms of  chronic fatigue that have been labelled as many different illnesses. In this post we will discover whether chronic fatigue really exists, what is the meaning to all these illnesses and symptoms and discover what chronic fatigue really is. Read more of this post

Quote of the Week

“Hyper-sensitivity is a misconception. It is not an illness, it is not a disease, and you are not mad. Hypersensitivity is real, however it means that your body’s system needs fine tuning. It’s like listening to the radio when it is not fully tuned in. There’s interference distorting the sound, in your case, it is interference in communication to and between your mind and body. You just need some fine tuning!”