The Dangers of Modern Life

There is increasing amounts of research which suggest that our modern lifestyle and all its trappings is increasingly harmful to our health.  TV, Computer, Mobile Phone, Wifi – it is becoming increasingly inescapable.

It is mainly common sense that comes into play when looking at protecting yourself from radiation transmissions.

  • Switch off your broadband when not in use. Maybe put your broadband router on a timer switch so that it is switched off at night when not in use.
  • Switch your mobile phone off when not needed. Do not keep it on your person when not necessary I.e. when you are at home or work.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances in your home or office when they are not required or used infrequently.
  • During your regular breaks in your day i.e. lunch and tea breaks leave the room or building just to give your body’s system a rest.

If you are experiencing symptoms when you are around emitting equipment like microwaves, digital bedroom clocks, broadband connections etc consider

1. How closely are they located to you?

2. Can you remove them or relocate them further from you?

3. Do you really need them?

4. Is this the right environment that you live or work in?

At the end of the day we live in busy cities and whether we are personally responsible for buying and installing these radiation emitting devices we are surrounded by them. They come from our neighbours properties and buildings, local telecommunication aerials, towers and masts. So we cannot get away from them. Therefore we need to look at the one thing thing that we can do and that is look at how our body is currently functioning. In most cases our bodies are not functioning to their full potential, therefore our immune and detoxification systems are neither functioning effectively, efficiently or preventatively. The important point here is that we can not live in paranoia and fear. However what we can do is:

Increase our bodies ability to function, heal and repair so that is working to its optimum performance.

Increase its tolerance to exposure to radiating emittance.

Increase your body’s immune system.

Increase its detoxification system.

Increase the recovery levels and reduce the recovery time.

The only way you are going to be able to reduce your symptoms and vulnerability to radiating transmissions is to look at the way you service and maintain your body beyond just your diet, fitness and fluid intake. RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Treatment is the pioneering technique that is non-invasive that is able to access and re-wire your body’s connectivity circuitry [bio-electromagnetic] system. This has a fundamentally positive affect on how your physical body functions on a cellular level and that of the mind. This will increase your immune and detoxification systems and remove the fears and psychological symptoms therefore increasing your coping mechanism to the exposure of radiating transmissions so that you can adjust to the environment that you work and live in.


About Michael Cohen
Wild Forest Gym, is the only UK ‘Functional Natural Movement Fitness’ training program for obstacle course training. We provide specialist Race Fit, Race Safe and Race Ready training for beginners and seasoned obstacle course challengers. We provide training camps and sessions based on the themes of Hazard Training, Safety Skill Training, Obstacles Training, Obstacle Course Fitness, Sports Injury Prevention, Sports Yoga, Training Plans, Training & Race preparation, kit & nutrition. We use the elements of the forest environment to teach functional natural movement techniques to increase your endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and coordination on both physical and mind levels. We us use: the trees to climb, balance and jump from; the earth below your hands and feet, to connect and feel the ground, whilst you bear crawl, walk and barefoot run; and the random shapes of each log and stone that cause every: throw, catch, carry and lift to be unique.

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