Coalition Advisor Orders Review Of Safe Pesticides

Today in The Independent Steve Connor, Science Editor reports ‘Growing concern about the new generation of pesticides used on 2.5 million acres of UK farmland has led one of the Government’s most senior scientific advisers to order a review of the evidence used to justify their safety’. The concerns raised by the article is the possible affect it is having on the shrinking population of bees.

The reason why I have caught on to this article is because the reports do not state the potential affects it could be having on mammals and the human food chain. The article goes on to say ‘There are mounting fears around the world that the growing use of “neonicotinoid” pesticides, which work by poisoning the nervous system of insects…contain compounds which do not simply sit on the surface of a plant, but are taken up into every part of it, including the pollen and nectar…’

What concerns me is that the neonicotinoid is ‘taken up into every part of the plant’  and is used on 2.5 million acres of UK farmland. The implication to our health are huge if such a pesticide is in our food chain. AgroNews reports  ‘Neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides which act on the central nervous system of insects with lower toxicity to mammals, in insects, neonicotinoids cause paralysis which leads to death, often within a few hours. However, they are much less toxic to mammals and under the WHO / EPA classification these compounds are placed toxicity class II or class III. Because the neonicotinoids block a specific neural pathway that is more abundant in insects than warm-blooded animals, these insecticides are selectively more toxic to insects than mammals’.

This report states lower toxicity to mammals but it does not state that there is no toxicity to mammals. So the big question is why are we being exposed to more pesticides that are created to affect the nervous system of insects and potentially mammals and humans. Why has it been banned or restricted in France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. Just as importantly why does the American government’s leading bee researcher, Dr Jeffery Pettis of the US Department of Agriculture report  remains officially unpublished nearly two years after it was made.

What are the implications? As Gillian McKeith would say ‘You Are What You Eat! Every toxin that our body absorbs directly or indirectly through the food chain put the human body’s immune system in overdrive. For those people who’s immune system are already under strain then they are more vulnerable to more serious illnesses, diseases and cancers. Particularly if their body’s detoxification systems are unable to remove such potentially lethal synthetic chemicals from their body. The effect of these individual synthetic compounds on our body’s are of concern, but just as concerning is the combined affects of all of these man-made compounds that our body’s are exposed by way of ingesting, absorbing and breathing.


About Michael Cohen
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