An intro to bio-electromagnetism and the human body Part 1

Bioenerlectromagnetism and the human bodyMy current research is into how the body communicates internally and externally on a bio-electromagnetic level; how it affects and is effected by artificial [man-made technology] electromagnetic frequencies; how our electromagnetic frequencies effect and are affected by other people in the environment that we live and work; and finally how we can access the human body’s bioelectromagnetic circuitry system to positively affect the functioning of our cells, mind, healing and repair mechanisms.

Bio-electromagnetism has 2 components – the electrical current  and its bi-product magnetism, which forms a circuitry system in  and around the human body. Looking at the basics most of you  are aware of human electrical currents, particularly if you have  had the unfortunate experience of an electrical shock, or being wired up to an ECG machine in a hospital where your heart electricity has been measured.

And for those of you who studied GCSE physics and played around with batteries and iron fillings then you will understand the reality of electromagnetism being a bi-product of electricity.

At this point I am going to open this post to discussion by leaving this post with a couple of questions to help you consider the tangibility of what I will expand further on in this discussion.

  • Have you experienced a change in your own body’s energy, mood or sensation [subtle or pronounced are equally important] when you have come into contact with other people?
  • Do you remember old analogue radios and televisions? Can you recall that if you were to stand close by you would affect the picture or the sound. Or have you touched or walked on a surface that has caused a static electricity.

Please post your comments and thoughts and look forward to discussing more in our next post.

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