Quick Fix Tips – Energy techniques 2

Quick Fix exercise to invigrate your energyFollowing on with our Quick Fix Techniques here is a energy technique to invigorate your energy.

Technique to invigorate energy

Place your right hand over your sternum in the middle of your chest (heart chakra) and your left hand over the pubic bone (reversed if left handed). This will increase the energy that goes to your heart and boost the flow of energy around your whole body. This technique is especially good to overcoming extreme tiredness, chronic fatigue or lethargy. Just keep your hand there for a few minutes and start to feel the energy rise in your heart which will be totally invigorating.

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It is important to note that these techniques are very dynamic and can really help you. However in order for you to really experience them to their full potential you need to stay relaxed throughout. Try not to focus too hard to feel the energy in the first place. It will come naturally when you are ready and in a lot of cases when you least expect it.


About Michael Cohen
Wild Forest Gym, is the only UK ‘Functional Natural Movement Fitness’ training program for obstacle course training. We provide specialist Race Fit, Race Safe and Race Ready training for beginners and seasoned obstacle course challengers. We provide training camps and sessions based on the themes of Hazard Training, Safety Skill Training, Obstacles Training, Obstacle Course Fitness, Sports Injury Prevention, Sports Yoga, Training Plans, Training & Race preparation, kit & nutrition. We use the elements of the forest environment to teach functional natural movement techniques to increase your endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and coordination on both physical and mind levels. We us use: the trees to climb, balance and jump from; the earth below your hands and feet, to connect and feel the ground, whilst you bear crawl, walk and barefoot run; and the random shapes of each log and stone that cause every: throw, catch, carry and lift to be unique.

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