Hypersensitivity ‘Finding the Solution’ – Part 1

Finding the solution to Hypersensitivity

From my late teens and for over 17 years I lived with debilitating hyper-sensitivity symptoms.  They affected my mind and my physical body in lots of painful, irritating and debilitating ways.   This meant I was unable to integrate into normal society and enjoy day to day living.  But that was the past. For years and years i struggled to find the solution, I was mis-diagnosed, belittled, called a hypochondriac and ignored.

My blog isn’t meant to be a  ‘poor me’ epic instead I wish to inspire and share with you my experiences of how I overcame 17 years of hypersensitivity and debilitating symptoms that restricted my everyday life. However harsh life may have been during this period, I can categorically say that not only have I overcome my symptoms, but I have gained a quality of life that I could never ever have imagined. And what’s even more rewarding is that I have been able to help others move forward for the last 9 years…[to be continued]

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About Michael Cohen
Wild Forest Gym, is the only UK ‘Functional Natural Movement Fitness’ training program for obstacle course training. We provide specialist Race Fit, Race Safe and Race Ready training for beginners and seasoned obstacle course challengers. We provide training camps and sessions based on the themes of Hazard Training, Safety Skill Training, Obstacles Training, Obstacle Course Fitness, Sports Injury Prevention, Sports Yoga, Training Plans, Training & Race preparation, kit & nutrition. We use the elements of the forest environment to teach functional natural movement techniques to increase your endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and coordination on both physical and mind levels. We us use: the trees to climb, balance and jump from; the earth below your hands and feet, to connect and feel the ground, whilst you bear crawl, walk and barefoot run; and the random shapes of each log and stone that cause every: throw, catch, carry and lift to be unique.

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