Is your WiFi making you ill?

Is your WiFi making you ill

In the world we live in, there is no escaping technology – it surrounds most of us for the majority of our waking day – during work, in our homes, on public transport, even in your local coffee shop you are likely to find WiFi whizzing invisibly round your head.

We are all living in a world where many of us struggle to function without our iPads, Blackberries, iPhones, PCs and Laptops for even an hour.  Even children as young as four are now subjected to constant electromagnetic stresses, with many using laptops in schools, and WiFi surrounding them at home.  Even when we aren’t required to use the internet for work, we are spending hours and hours of our free time on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which has now been proven to increase our anxiety levels.  A recent study found that the more time we spend on Facebook, the more likely they are to experience guilt or anxiety as a direct result of their interaction with their online friends.

Beyond psychological symptoms, there is also growing concern that the gadgets that we are becoming increasingly dependent on are making us ill, with technology like computers and mobile phones leaving some people feeling drained, exhausted and with crippling headaches. I believe that there are countless people who may be physically affected by electro hypersensitivity, or ES, the condition whereby a sufferer’s health is negatively affected by close proximity to electromagnetic radiation.  However, many may not realise that WiFi waves can cause these symptoms due to a lack of awareness about the condition, particularly in the UK.

I suffered major intolerances with ElectroSensitivity for 16 years, and could feel the current in my body if I got too close to a cable.  A mobile phone would leave a feeling of pressure in my ear, and going to a major city like London would make me feel ill for weeks.  I would feel drained, my sleep would be affected and I would experience headaches and pains in my body upon prolonged contact with mobile phones or WiFi. I  eventually managed to alleviate my symptoms with Bioenergy healing techniques, an energy healing therapy which helps to clear ‘blockages’ in the bodies bio-electromagnetic circuitry system.

ElectroSensitivity is a debilitating condition which can see sufferers struggling with symptoms such as blinding headaches, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, and insomnia.

ElectroSensitivity, or ES, is the term for any of the side effects which are caused by an overload of technology. Our bodies weren’t designed to be able to ingest, absorb or breathe the manmade energies which surround us, and our exposure is immeasurable – without being able to see or gauge these, it is impossible to tell how much we are exposed to and the level of sensitivity we experience.

In Sweden, ES is recognised as a medical condition, with over a quarter of a million people being registered as ElectroSensitive*. It is not yet formally recognised in the UK as a medical condition, but the numbers of people claiming to suffer from ES in increasing.  I expect the numbers to continue to rise, as technology continues to permeate all areas of our lives and we become increasingly reliant on the internet, Smartphones and WiFi.

So how can we stop ES?

  • Its best to try to limit your computer and phone usage if you feel it may be impacted negatively on your health.
  • Aim to have everything switched off by say, 9pm, and ensure your WiFi is turned off at the wall when you aren’t using it.
  • Cordless phones are serial offenders, so stick to a traditional corded telephone set in your home.
  • Avoid sleeping with your mobile phone on and next to your pillow.
  • and only turn on Bluetooth when you need it.

But regulating your usage is the best way to avoid any side effects. Most importantly, be mindful of letting technology rule your life – the more you learn to live without it, the better you will feel, the more your dependence will decrease and the more you will safeguard your health from future surges in emissions. For many people, exposure to technology is unavoidable, and if you find that your job means you have to spend many hours a day on a computer or mobile phone, consider seeking alternative therapies to alleviate your symptoms.

* Statistics link

Written for and published on

Real Women Today - Electro Sensitivity Article


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