Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 1

electrosensitivityElectrosensitivity is not permanent. These tips are not solutions in their own right however they will reduce your exposure to electric and electromagnetic and radio-wave devices in your work environment.

Now everyone’s work environment is different, particularly if you work in large open plan office.  Therefore the action you can take is variable.

The most contentious subject is that of how many devices you have switched on at any moment in time

Mobile phones, computers, broadband and Intranet. Are you electrosensitive to devices that you rely on in your every day life? Are you concerned about how they could be affecting you or your family?

Living in a city like I do in London it is impossible to get away from these invisible electric and electromagnetic and radio-wave devices. Even if you do not have them in your own home or office they are in your neighbours. Even if you live in the country they are still there. This invisible web of frequencies covers every square mile of  every country. And they are here to stay. There is no way of getting away from them.

Don’t panic there is a way to reduce your exposure and the negative affects.  And you don’t have to go and live on a desert island.

First course of action is to reduce the frequencies and your electro-sensitivity in your most immediate environment of your home.

So here we go!

  • Try to limit your computer and mobile phone usage where possible. Put your mobile down on the table rather than carry it around your home.
  • Ensure your WiFi is turned off at the wall when you are not using it.
  • Cordless phones are serial offenders, so stick to a traditional corded telephone set in your home. Keep all cordless devices a minimum of 1 metre away from you, particularly in your bedroom.
  • Avoid sleeping with your mobile phone on and next to your pillow.
  • Use a battery alarm clock rather than using a digital one with an electrical power source.
  • And only turn on Bluetooth when you need it.

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    No doubt the other readers were thinking, “The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations..”.

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