Hypersensitivity ‘Finding the Solution’ – Part 7

solution to hypersensitivitycont…

Being light, eating raw felt really good at the time. At least so I thought. There were some other really good health benefits. However peoples perception of you were that you were reeeeally weird. Most importantly it was hard for my kids.

I met lots of new people – Raw Foodist and they were buzzing away. Have you tried this , and that. Cooked food is killing! What percentage are you raw? Are you 100% or not. It felt like being around this cult and if you are not careful you can get really sucked in. Not that they mean to harm or hurt you or want your money. But in retrospect can have to question whether you can create a balanced diet when going down such a righteous and committed path. Most importantly can you integrate with the rest of society. And most importantly can your family live with you!

It is very easy to sit back and talk in retrospect but at the time you cannot see it. But I had a good reason to be there then,  I had major problems being hypersensitive, this offered me a solution. It took away a lot of the digestive and physical pains that were so difficult to endure.

It was a great experience and education most importantly. I learnt so much about nutrition, food preparation (better not mention the word  cooking here). And now 10 years on my knowledge base of nutrition has benefited. To summarise on this period of my life I would say raw food is logical, it is ethical, it should form part of everyone’s diet. However it should not take over it. It is important that other aspects are taken into account when trying to create a balanced healthy nutritional base to your constitution.

And then there was foraging!!!  [to be continued…]

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About Michael Cohen
Wild Forest Gym, is the only UK ‘Functional Natural Movement Fitness’ training program for obstacle course training. We provide specialist Race Fit, Race Safe and Race Ready training for beginners and seasoned obstacle course challengers. We provide training camps and sessions based on the themes of Hazard Training, Safety Skill Training, Obstacles Training, Obstacle Course Fitness, Sports Injury Prevention, Sports Yoga, Training Plans, Training & Race preparation, kit & nutrition. We use the elements of the forest environment to teach functional natural movement techniques to increase your endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and coordination on both physical and mind levels. We us use: the trees to climb, balance and jump from; the earth below your hands and feet, to connect and feel the ground, whilst you bear crawl, walk and barefoot run; and the random shapes of each log and stone that cause every: throw, catch, carry and lift to be unique.

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