Chronic Fatigue 3

What is chronic fatigue[…continued]

Experiment! What we first of all need to do is determine what chronic fatigue is. We know it is not an illness so what is it? For those of you whom are experiencing such symptoms I need you to sit back for a moment and feel your body. Not with your hands but instead I want you to try and describe the sensations in your body. What we are talking about are the human body frequencies.

Let me try and help here to explain what you should be looking for. The first thing you need to do to understand frequencies in the human body. TO do this we need to first feel the frequency of an electrical appliance. Without getting too sciency this is called electromagnetism.  OK,  I am touching my laptop, I have my palm on it and I can feel a vibration. For me it feels like a fast defined buzzing sensation, a back and forth sensation. Now if I put my hand on the transformer (the large black box on the electrical cable) it feels different. It is a constant vibration with heat.

So what I am feeling here are two frequencies but different ones. Now you go and find an electrical appliance and describe what it feels like. Just remember what I felt is my experience so don’t look for the same thing.

In my next post we will look at what the frequency of an electrical appliance has to do with frequencies in your body (bioelectromagnetism) and more importantly what it is to do with Chronic Fatigue. [to be continued]

MEANWHILE please can you post your comments on what you feel when you touch an electrical device.

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One Response to Chronic Fatigue 3

  1. NGUYEN VAN LAI says:

    In essence bioenergy in the human body is a kind of innate power, or bio-energy that all organisms are co.Neu no electricity as this creature can not move, thanks to the power congenital new creature should move and communicate with each other with separate signals for each species.
    In addition, over 2,000 years ago, in the medicine of the ancient Chinese discovered acupuncture and electrical form, they named the “gas”, gas operation on the channel. According to Oriental medicine, natural gas 06 circulates through the four seasons are: style; welding test; low apples; and healthy environment 06 hoa.Khi gases do not cause disease, but when the weather sudden change in air pressure up to them turn into “evil air”, the immediate impact on respiration, on the acupuncture points to cause disease. Sometimes they go straight to the diameter of arteries and organs of touch human-caused mortality
    So our bodies are affected by the weather. When there are multiple terms, but it includes 02 of the “warts and gas” and “oxygen” (warts and gas taken from food, oxygen from air). Man is a miniature universe, the solar system malfunctions immediately what caused the malfunction of organs of human body


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