What is Hypersensitivity

What is HypersensitivityHypersensitivity is not a disease, nor an illness. It is a measurement on your body’s sensitivity scale that is in the category of undesirable reactions in your body and mind. Your current sensitivity is based on how your body is currently wired i.e. life experiences to date, in combination with your current reaction to external stimuli.

However when you are in the hypersensitivity range on the scale, your body, mind and energy system cannot function effectively as your system is out of synch, and therefore more vulnerable to being affected or influenced by outside stimuli.

“Today, you swim in a sea of man-made energies as well as a concoction of man-made products and pollution that your body has to: ingest, breathe and absorb. Your exposure and susceptibility to them is harder to detect as most are invisible and have no smells. Most importantly scientific research doesn’t take into account their combined affect on the human body.

Their effect on your body can be quantified with the heightened levels of hypersensitivities, intolerances and allergic reactions to man-made technologies with the unprecedented high level of: illness, disease and susceptibility to injury”.


In response to this your body being hypersensitive it goes into overdrive, your immune system becomes compromised, your coping mechanism and ability to adapt become less resilient. With it comes a range of symptoms on varying levels including – emotional, psychological, energetic, physiological and behavioural.

headaches disruptive sleep patterns chronic fatigue digestive problems Depression emotional & psychological symptoms intolerances skin complaints smells behavioural issues socialising issue m.e.phobias food intolerances Noise chemicals people buildings electrosensitivity (ES) electrohypersensitivity (EHS) anxietyaddictive disorders IBS depression panic attacks stress fatigue energy issues & blockages chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) attention deficit disorder (ADD) m.e. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) skin & dermatological issues fibro myalgia low self-esteem attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) hyperactivity obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD)

If you are fortunate your symptoms pass by without causing much disturbance. However in the high percentage of cases of people like yourself where your body is hyper-sensitive, and not functioning to its full potential, you can’t make that long-term or speedy recovery. So what I am saying is hyper-sensitivity is your body’s reaction to how it is currently wired and your symptoms are the result of being hypersensitive. Then there is the realisation that you are no longer able to cope or integrate in to the environment that you work or live in.

“The statement above pretty much says it all. We do absorb, we do ingest and we do breathe a concoction of pollutants and radiation in the environment that we live, work and sleep in. It is not our intention to be fear mongering, however we cannot be ignoring this deep thought provoking subject.

Most importantly, as I hope you will agree, what we are talking about is logic and equally important there is a solution without having to go and live in a cave or on a desert island. I know what it is like to wonder about the later option as personally having lived for 16 years with extreme hypersensitivities, I too was desperate. However the solution is what turned my life around for myself and my family. To read my case study click here.” Michael Cohen


Logic 1 – YHypersensitivitiesou have experienced a lifetimes worth of experiences, issues, trauma’s accidents on top of the general use, abuse, misuse, disuse of your physical body. This in turn has put stresses on the body, caused blockages on all levels, disrupted communication and reduced your body’s ability to function heal and repair in the way it should.

Logic 1 tells us that it is no surprise that our bodies are functioning at a lower percentage of our full potential, due to our general lack of ability to continually service and maintain it.

Logic 2 – You affect and you are affected by every other living organic being that is within your environment. When you interact with other people or they come into proximity to you, they influence your body’s bioelectromagnetic field as well as you influencing there’s. So just like a piece of blotting paper your distinct colour on the centre of it is no longer distinct it becomes diluted by their colours as they come within your environment. However depending on how your body systems are functioning will determine how dominant your colour is on the blotting paper.

Logic 2 enables us to consider how individual you are and how we affect and are affected by others.

Logic 3 – Man-made radio waves and other emitting electromagnetic waves and fields interact with your body and ultimately your mind, energy system and cells in your body.

A brief biophysics lesson – The human body is made of cells and each cell has a frequency in order for it to communicate with its neighbour. This is where all the problems start. As in the case of older analogue televisions with tabletop aerials and radios, what happened when you got to close to it? You distorted the signal i.e. the sound or the picture.

So logic 3 says if you cause an affect on the frequency of the radio or tv then naturally it must cause an affect on you. Therefore we can start to appreciate that if these man-made technologies vibrate at frequencies that are in the range of those of human cells how many others affects us too.

Logic 4 – Your body is like a sponge. It ingests, absorbs and breathes. Therefore it is reasonable and even necessary to question what you coat/apply to your body, what you breathe in the air and what you swallow when you eat and drink.

Logic 4 tells us that if what you ingest, absorb or breathe is un-natural, polluted, or chemical based then your body’s immune, healing, repair and detoxifying systems have to go into overdrive. Thereby affecting their ability to function effectively and efficiently; let alone the negative affects on your body’s your energy levels.

To summaries all 4 logics tells us a lot about how our body is affected by, how it functions, and how it can have a knock on affect. This affects the overall wiring and fine-tuning of your body to function, heal and repair in an enhanced way. Which when compromised will affect the homoeostasis of the body and bring about a level of hypersensitivity to the environment that you live and work in which finally results and manifests itself as symptoms.

It is logical to state that when you take into account of how poorly you generally service and maintain your bodies over a lifetime, then it is no surprise that you have blockages and a breakdown in connectivity and communication. Therefore if your body is not functioning effectively it is more vulnerable to everything you absorb, ingest and breathe that come from an unnatural, inorganic or man-made source…and round we go…

To read more about finding the solution click here.


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